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30-31 Mai 2015
ASEM Blocul F, Chisinau, Moldova

ElasticSearch. Why? How? What?

Elasticsearch is a highly scalable open-source full-text search and analytics engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly and in near real time. It is generally used as the underlying engine/technology that powers applications that have complex search features and requirements.

I will answer the following questions:

Why ES but not ApacheSolr ?
How to install ES on local machine ?
What we can do with ES and Drupal ?

OpenAtrium 2 or intranet without butthurt.

How often do you hear from your clients: "our intranet  sucks!", "How can I discuss an important question with collegues, if our system crushes every 5 minutes?", "Our intranet considers itself smarter than me!" and so on?

If often, our presentation is for YOU!

In this presentation, we will tell you about OpenAtrium 2, a tool that helps you to organize employees of organization to work together without problems. We will review opportunities of OpenAtrium, reveal its strengths and weaknesses. And also, we will make live demonstration.

Danish Broadcast Corporation - case study.

The Danish Broadcast Corporation is the largest media content provider in Denmark. 85% of the danes tune in for their TV channels for an hour or more every week and their home on the web is by far the most visited danish website with millions of visits every week. In 2012 DBC decided to move their online content to Drupal. With 400 journalists writing articles, millions of nodes and millions of end users, Drupal have to perform to its utmost and the volume of the article production makes most workflow optimizations worthwhile.