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30-31 Mai 2015
ASEM Blocul F, Chisinau, Moldova

Showcase: Jobularity - match jobseekers with employers modern way. #BrandYou!

Jobularity is a startup based team which creates a platform for both jobseekers and employers. We try to optimize the hiring process and source only the best candidates by introducing automative tools of assessment and interviewing and getting candidates on bord asap.  The session will cover service showcase starting from the idea, features and finishing with some insights into technical implementation, technologie and best practices used by the team.


Offline First applications with Drupal 8

The Offline First principle is quite new in web development, but it has many benefits for users and their experience. A website designed after these principles will continue to work, even if there is no Internet connection available. Now it’s possible to create Offline First applications with Drupal 8! To do this we need a remote database - represented by a Drupal 8 site and a local browser-based database, for example PouchDB.

Cum iti stringi o echipa Drupal

In aceasta prezentare ma voi impartasi cu experienta mea de lucru in cadrul diferitor echipe de Drupal. Voi accentua diferentele dintre echipe la diferitele stadii din viata unei companii, greseli si lucruri facute super, ce poti face cind ai 5 oameni, ce poti face cind ai 20.

Pe baza acestor experiente voi face o mica schema de crestere a unei echipe, precum si o analiza a companiilor pe care le poate avea in vizor un Drupalist de la noi din Moldova care isi doreste o crestere profesionala sau o echipa super.

Drupal Intro

An introduction into module development. Here I'll do my best to cover the most of the things needed to begin Drupal Module Development.

Things to cover:

  • How to Start.
  • APIs to Cover.
  • Useful Functions.
  • Useful Resources.