Local development with Vagrant

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Saturday, May 17, 2014 - 12:00 to 12:40

Development of real life projects on multiple platforms can be very very painful. In our teams we have people who work on MacOS, Linux, Windows and setting up environments for different projects is not easy thing to do. Specially when everyone needs specific PHP versions, memcache, apache solr, varnish etc.   But there are tools to solve this problems. One of most promiment is Vagrant. It allows to spin local virtual machine with same settings on different platforms.   There are also tools to create configurations for your varnish VMs that won't require you to read a lot of documentation. It is simple like using UI of the website, click on various checkboxes, download archive and run 'vagrant up' and here you go.   In this session we will talk about: - how vagrant works, how to run it locally and why you should use it - how puppet works, how to adjust puppet scripts for your custom needs - website to help building configurations, for drupal specific configs - we will share our real life experience using vm's for handling drupal projects   After this session attendees will have practical instructions how to use vagrant in their daily work.