Real-time search with Elasticsearch in Drupal

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Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 15:50 to 16:30

If you ever tried to implement search in Drupal that's just a little more complex than a simple keyword search, you probably already know what this session will be about.

Drupal ships with standard search that indexes data in database. This is not very helpfull when you try to achieve something more than a standard use case. If you need to filter your results by some criteria, sort results by relevance and views count, or even display number of results that satisfy a specific filter (facets), you will not be doing great with standard Drupal search.

For this purpose a very good fit is Apache Solr search engine that is highly used in Drupal community and there are a lot of modules on Drupal.org allowing to build basically any kind of search. However, there is reason not to talk about Solr on MoldCamp, at least because there is another search engine in that niche that does it's job even better - Elasticsearch.

Are you new to search engines or are you an experienced Apache Solr developer, you will find this talk interesting.

You will be able to answer those questions after the talk:

- What's wrong with Solr and why consider Elasticseach?

- How to build a scalable full-text search solution without writing a single line of code.

- How to leverage Kibana and logstash to visualize watchdog logs or any other logs you like.


I will give some theoretical aspects and will walk you through a process of setting up and configure Elasticsearch on local environment.

Hope to see you soon!