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Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 23:03

Chisinau is a European city, where you can find places that work 24/24. You can visit museums, go to a karaoke, to dine or simply sit on a terrace and or take a walk outdoors. Some of the places where you can relax and find traditional Moldovan dishes are:

La Placinte, Acasă la mama,  Vatra Neamului, La Șezătoare, La Taifas Restaurant.

Terraces & Bars:

In autumn, if you do not feel like indoors cafes and the weather blessed you with sunshine and warmth, you can check out some of the best bars that offer you an exciting atmosphere outside on the terrace but also can warm you with great energy indoors.

Eli Pili, Smokehouse, Kozlovna Ceska Pivni, Bibliotheque Cafe Chisinau, Propaganda, Mamico, Delice d'Ange French Bakery, Draft Centru.


If you feel like dancing, listen to some good music or get to know Chisinau’s night life, the best places to start are:

Barbar, Kira's Club, Military club, Cocos Privé

Moldova Cinemas and theaters In the city's cinemas and theaters you can see the most recent movies.

Mihai Eminescu Theatre, Eugen Ionesco Theatre, Odeon Cinema, Patria-Centru.


Museums where you can see the history of the Republic of Moldova, heritage and scientific prestige.

Alexandr Pushkin Museum, The Museum of Ethnography and Natural History, National History Museum of Moldova.

ParksThe nearest parks in the city center where you can take walks with friends:  Stefan cel Mare Park, Valea Morilor Park, UTM Park.