6 reasons to attend Moldcamp 2015

30-31 Mai 2015
ASEM Blocul F, Chisinau, Moldova
May 29, 2015 1:31 pm

6 reasons to attend Moldcamp 2015

You most probably already have some plans for the weekend,  to go some music event, relax at home, someone has a party and someone wants to have a family meet-up. That all sounds cool and yes, these things can yield you some good results: drinks, friends, new connections, family reunion, peace, dances, music, etc.

But there's a good alternative to that, and that's Moldcamp! Here is a nice knowledge-sharing place. You also get to meet tons of people, we have guests from Ukraine, Romania, Denmark, Germany and Moldova. Some folks that are from Moldova are originally from London or Nigeria or many other places. CxO's of different companies, developers, designers, front-end developers, project managers, tons of different people and good mood.

So what are the reasons to cancel whatever you have planned for the weekend and come to Moldcamp?

1. Lots and lots of different people

As I mentioned before, there are going to be lots of nice people: from developers and designers, all the way up to regional managers. People from lots of different countries and cultures, with an opened mind and a huge will to share their experience and ideas.

2. You don't have to be into Drupal to come to the event

The event is not 100% about Drupal. For example there will be a general workshop about freelancing (Martin from Germany), a workshop for creating mobile apps by using material design, also there are sessions about Angular, SailsJS, Mongo, different show-cases, etc. I'm pretty much sure you're going to find something interesting there.

3. Sponsors, booths, coffee and the job board

Are you looking for a job? You know, a neat company to work at, with a tenis table, foosball table, kitchen, library, awesome corporate culture, etc. Well lucky you, we have lots of sponsors supporting our event, they are going to have booths there and someone representing the company. Guess what? All of them are hiring, and you might be that person that they are looking for.

4. There will be a wine break and an Official Party

Networking is important, but we're kinda shy and afraid to approach other folks, it's because of the language barrier or simply because we feel awkward about it. Wine and beer helps us to make awesome connections. Mix that with the music from our DJ and some good mood and you're ready to go.

5. Goodies

If you're a Moldovan - you like free stuff. Don't deny it. Here at Moldcamp you can get free stickers, you might win free T-shirts and if you're a speaker you can get free PHPStorm License (if you aren't a speaker, maaaybe you can still win one), free wine, free party, free beer, free snacks. Of course there's an entrance fee - but you mainly pay for the sessions and you get tons of bonuses for free.

6. Surprises

We heard that some sponsors will have pleasant surprises to moldcamp attendees, so, hmmm, be ready ;)


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