Workshop: Freelancers Unite! | Part 1

30-31 Mai 2015
ASEM Blocul F, Chisinau, Moldova

Workshop: Freelancers Unite! | Part 1

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    Sunday, May 31 - 12:15 to 13:00
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Sometimes freelancers must decline projects because they are fully booked, sometimes because they can not tackle them alone. And sometimes freelancers have a gap and could need one of the projects which others are just rejecting.

Many of this projects would not be lost if they were approached together. If we cooperate we can improve freelancing for all stakeholders including the customers.

In this workshop we will discuss your current situation and see how we can improve it. We will look at strategies and structures for collaborative commercial projects in distributed teams. And we will look at what we can learn from open source projects like Drupal.

And most important, we will start a discussion about how we can actually get started.

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