Migrate in Drupal 8

30-31 Mai 2015
ASEM Blocul F, Chisinau, Moldova

Migrate in Drupal 8

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    Sunday, May 31 - 11:15 to 12:00
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You all know that Drupal 8 is coming. You probably know that all your Drupal 6 clients eventually will start thinking about how to migrate from their unsupported Drupal 6 to new and fancy Drupal 8 website. If you're living on an island for last 1 year and you're involved in Drupal community, you probably know that Drupal upgrade path is no longer used to update major core versions, instead Drupal 8 has Migrate module in core to support migration path instead. We'll cover some of this in my session, as well as:

- Migrate API in core

- Migration path for D6 - D8

- Contributing to migration path for core and contrib


For everyone attending there will be a D6 site to migrate during the day, for those who succed we'll have a job proposal =)

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