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How to be an awesome Drupal contributor

Easy! Become a speaker at Moldcamp 2014.

We are organizing Moldcamp 2014 because we believe in the power of knowledge sharing. The Drupal community is one of the greatest IT communities in the world, and it is so because people share their ideas and experience on a daily basis.

We want to popularize this habit in Moldova and we need you to help us out. Register on our website (if you haven't already), submit a session, and become a speaker at Moldcamp 2014. We're sure there is a lot you can give to your fellow Drupal enthusiasts.

Submitting a session is easy and fun:

Here's a good example of a nicely submitted session.

Entry for speakers is free of charge, and we also have a few pleasant surprises for our wisdom spreaders. See you at Moldcamp - the first DrupalCamp in Moldova.

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