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The first DrupalCamp in Moldova, we nailed it!


The first DrupalCamp in Moldova took place and we are happy to say that it was a success.


Without any experience in organizing Drupal Camps, Drupal Moldova Association managed make an event that gathered the local community together, introduced it to foreign Drupal enthusiasts, Drupal businesses from Moldova and abroad; and helped the discover they are a part of a massive international Drupal community of 1 million people who change the world everyday with Drupal.



Moldcamp 2014 was the result of enthusiasm and hard work. It was the perfect conclusion of a beautiful year since we founded Drupal Moldova Association.

This article is a thank you note to all those who supported us and believed in our initiative.


Huge thanks to our sponsors!

Moldcamp 2014 would not have happened without the huge support from our sponsors. We are proud to have had them on our side in our efforts to organize the first DrupalCamp in the Republic of Moldova. Our thanks go to:

Deeplace - Gold Sponsor

Deeplace was founded in year 2000 and its one of the leading web solutions provider on the local market. The Deeplace team believes that Internet is one of the main driving forces of the modern world. In the last six years, they have implemented more than 100 Drupal projects for the Moldovan Government, businesses and society.

Propeople - Gold Sponsor

Propeople is a impressive team of around 175 people with offices 8 countries including Moldova. Propeople is delivering solutions for the big clients. Among them are Stanford University, Pinterest, Samsung etc. Propeople is a full-service digital agency leveraging the latest trends and technology to provide advanced web development, elegant design, and business-savvy strategy.

IP Group - Gold Sponsor

IPGroup is the official representative in Moldova of two Danish companies: Inlead and Peytz. They help their clients analyze their target audiences. IP Group develops digital strategies that enable clients meet the requirements of their audiences. Through information architecture, and design IP Group creates user experiences that ensure the effectiveness of the final product in terms of the client's goals and the users' requirements.

ThemeSnap - Silver Sponsor

Established back in 2008, with great rankings, ThemeSnap already has over 10,000 happy customers and growing! ThemeSnap is one of the leading Drupal theme marketplaces. Here authors publish custom premium themes that save time and money, earning up to 75% from their work. This is the only marketplace which has no exclusivity lock-in, instant item submission, a name-your-price policy and many other exclusive features.

InternetDevels - Silver Sponsor

InternetDevels was founded in November 2007 in Ukraine and make up a team of 85 young, ambitious and hard-working staff employees with 250+ fulfilled projects in their portfolio so far. Six years ago InternetDevels did something other in Ukraine didn’t. They chose Drupal and what a great decision that was. Now, as a dedicated Drupal team with a good industry standing, InternetDevels tackle the work-loads that are increasing and supply the quality that's best for the price. We admire InternetDevels for investing their knowledge and expertise back into Drupal.

Adyax - Silver Sponsor

Founded in December 2007, Adyax is a leading European Drupal agency. We build enterprise class sites for global brands and institutions. Clients include: Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Slate, the United Nations, the French Government, the European Union, Sony, Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy (LVMH), Publicis and TBWA. We specialize in high load projects (>20M page views per day), with large volumes of data migrated from many sources, connected with dozens of SI applications (ERPs, CRMs, ETLs...) – all with Drupal, and only Drupal.

Reea - Silver Sponsor

Reea is a Romanian interactive web agency with over 15 years experience on European, North-American, Asian and Australian markets. Reea has experience in web, mobile and standalone applications; web design and website prototyping; storyboards and game concepts; branding and print design; online marketing and sales services; SEO, SEM, SMM; testing and QA; system administration.

Softescu - Bronze Sposor

Softescu is a web agency founded in Romania. Softescu’s focus is on creating and hosting portals with a online community component and integration of online social networks suitable for Enterprise 2.0 and Social Web 2.0 experiences. Softescu uses Drupal for its community-oriented portals and services.

ADCI - Bronze Sponsor

ADCI is a web agency based in Russia. They have 7 years experience in developing and releasing 124 websites. ADCI is heavy in the Drupal Community and has been a contributor for the past 6 years. Their team members innovative web developers who push technology limits to the max.


Our partners, thank you!

We were surprise to find out during the organization process how many local companies and organizations offered us their help and support. We had 14 awesome partners that helped us make Moldcamp 2014 happen.

Special thanks goes to Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies. They helped us establish useful contacts, helped us a lot with choosing and negotiating the venue and most importantly, encouraged and inspired us into making Moldcamp 2014 happen.

Here is the full list of our beloved partners:

Moldovan Association of Private ICT Companies, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova, Riolit Sistem, allmoldova, JetBrains, Marcu’s Coffe, Hotel Iris,, ITAccess,, Flowers Hotel, Drupal Romania Community, Basavin & Co, Olsi Hotel.

Thank you, guys!


The team

Moldcamp 2014 was an initiative started by Drupal Moldova Association together with a bunch of active volunteers.



Sergiu Nagailic aka Nikro - Co-founder and President at Drupal Moldova Association.

Stefan Nistor - Co-founder and Driector of Marketing at Drupal Moldova Association

Alina Popenco - Awesome Designer @

Kirill Borzov - Awesome Front-end Developer


Corina Ciripitca, Cristina Eftimitsa, Sergiu Tulgara, Emil Stoianov, Vladimir Melnic, Nicoleta Nigai, Andrei Perciun, Alex Lupascu, Alexei Gorobets, Elena Cracea.

Thank you, guys!


Moldcamp 2014 Stats

This is what we accomplished at our first DrupalCamp in Moldova:

  • 115 attendees from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Denmark.
  • 9 Sponsors and 14 Partners.
  • 24 Speakers and 33 Presentations.
  • 400+ Served coffees.
  • 50 Bottles of wine.
  • 150 Beers.
  • 160 Bottles of water.
  • Infinite amount of fun!


What the future holds

Moldcamp 2014 was just the beginning of the journey. More Moldcamps are definitely coming. Now that we are inspired by the success of the first DrupalCamp in Moldova, we are motivated to keep on working on future events, trainings and other Drupal activities in Moldova. Stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and wait for the website to come live. Witness the rise of Drupal in Moldova!

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