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30-31 Mai 2015
ASEM Blocul F, Chisinau, Moldova
05 June 2015
Moldcamp 2015, the second Drupal Camp ever in Moldova, is over. We are sad it happened so quickly, but on the other hand, we are happy to have organized a successful, jolly, beautiful 2-day event that brought our Drupal community together once again. Moldcamp 2015 was a result of hard-work from the Drupal Moldova Association team, and huge support from our sponsors, partners and volunteers. This...
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29 May 2015
You most probably already have some plans for the weekend, to go some music event, relax at home, someone has a party and someone wants to have a family meet-up. That all sounds cool and yes, these things can yield you some good results: drinks, friends, new connections, family reunion, peace, dances, music, etc. But there's a good alternative to that, and that's Moldcamp! Here is a nice...
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26 May 2015
Finally (yeah we know, it took us a while, session registration took us a while) - the Schedule has been published. You can now check which sessions will be given, which day and at which timem it's all there. If you're one of the speakers and you feel like you really need to change the time slot you've been assigned to - let us know: . Also you can flag the sessions you...
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18 May 2015
Submit a session by the 24th of May and enter the competition. You can win one of the three PHPStorm Personal Licences provided by our partner, JetBrains . PHPStorm is one of the most popular PHP IDEs on the market today. It comes with a big variety of tools and features, including advanced Drupal support. It also provides excellent support for PHP (including the latest language versions and...
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15 May 2015
As we've mentioned before, we'll hold a Code Sprint on 29th of May . Right now we're gathering information about the issues we want to work at and we're making a list of important things to fix or test. So if you're working at any project and need to patch some modules, or if you have your own modules which have unclosed issues and you need some help to solve those and/or test those, please add...
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07 May 2015
We are happy to announce that the website is now up and running, and it's time for you to register and apply with sessions! The first Camp proved that we have a strong and developing Drupal community in Moldova and we have a word to say as part of the international Drupal bunch of over one million folks. This year we keep claiming our importance and organize Moldcamp 2015 -- a wider and louder...
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