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Friday, August 18, 2017 - 12:55

A short description of how was the previous edition. ( from DMA organizing team)

Moldcamp 2015 was a result of a hard-work from the Drupal Moldova Association team, and huge support from our sponsors, partners, and volunteers. We are really thankful to all those who supported us and believed in our initiative.

As usual, Moldcamp is a really diverse regional camp, our participants had the opportunity to attend several Drupal and IT related session, workshops, Business and Entrepreneurial topics, code sprint, networking events, CXO dinner, party.

What mattered for us is the preparation process of the camp before the start, we wanted to provide a life changing experience to our participants and partners. Here is how it went:


Registration / Preparation

We got up early in the morning and started to prepare the rooms for the event.

The usual issues that the conferences face are the logistics part, therefore we bought water bottles and placed those in front rows. We've installed the electric cords so everyone with a laptop stays with us. We've checked all the projectors/screens to work, speakers & mics. Internet was our big concern and even tho' we've come 2 days before the event to configure the routers and all, they were still failing.

We had some volunteer that helped us with the Registration Process, they've packed everything in Moldcamp-branded bags, prepared badges, etc. We've offered to all of the session-speakers T-shirts and a bottle of wine (at the end of the event).


CXO Dinner

That's the night where all CXOs (Silver and Gold Sponsors) gather together for a dinner to discuss business and other interesting things. We've chosen a nice small cozy place in the heart of Chisinau - Karl Schmidt. Everything was paid by the Drupal Moldova as a part of the Moldcamp project.

It went very well. It was just 1 night before the Moldcamp event has taken place so that was the perfect timing to ask for CXOs to bring their marketing material for the event with them.



The content of the sessions was really interesting, the speakers were well prepared and they knew how to engage the audience.

As organizers, we were busy with all the logistic part so we didn't really have much time to attend the sessions, but we have got positive feedbacks from the attendees.

  • Freelancers unite! by Martin Mayer.
  • Discover functional programming through Scala by Dorin C.
  • Hosting large scale Drupal by Jeppe Bergman.
  • Forms in Drupal 8 by Dimitry Olaresko.


Drupal Party.

The party was awesome, the participants had the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed manner, and catch up on questions they didn't get to ask the speakers during the first day of sessions. We organized the party in one of the best clubs in Moldova called Kiras, the music was great, we had drinks, and a lot of fun..

Here are some numbers recorded at the second Drupal Camp in Moldova:

110 attendees from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany;

  • 1 Code Sprint;
  • 6 Sponsors;
  • 14 Partners;
  • 25 Speakers;
  • 30 Presentations;
  • 40 bottles of wine;
  • 120 beers;
  • 400+ served coffees;
  • a whole lotta fun.


Final Note

We think we could do it better in some chapters and that there is always a way to improve things, but other than that, the event went super-well, the project was above the zero, sponsors covered all the expenses and thanks to them, the event was great.

Thanks to everyone who came (around 110 folks) and all the sponsors and partners that contributed to the event.

See you next year ;)

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